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Immediately available properties

There are a selection of sheltered properties immediately available from Brunelcare and Alliance Homes.

HomeChoice North Somerset

This site is the place to find social housing in North Somerset, as well as information on other housing options available to you. HomeChoice North Somerset is a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme. All available social housing properties are advertised each week and, if you are eligible and qualify to join the register, you can express an interest in properties you want to be considered for. You can bid on up to three properties each week, either through this website or the automated telephone system on
0845 50 50 124.

Please note, we have approximately 3,500 households on the HomeChoice register and more than 300 new applicants every month, with only about 600 properties becoming vacant each year. It is very unlikely that you will be successful in being offered a social housing tenancy unless you are in severe circumstances.

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Advertising dates 11

Current cycle

11 Feb, until 17 Feb

Next cycle

Starts 18 Feb, until 24 Feb
Immediately available property - Blagdon

Immediately available property - Blagdon

Alliance Homes have a 1-bedroomed sheltered bungalow in Blagdon immediately available to applicants over the age of 60 who express an interest. You do not have to have an active HomeChoice application to express an interest in the bungalow at Eastcroft Close, but will need to have a brief...
Published: Tuesday 9 February 2016

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