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North Somerset

Mutual Exchange

If you are a tenant of a HomeChoice North Somerset partner landlord within the North Somerset area and want to move to another location within the North Somerset area, then you can use this site to advertise your property for mutual exchange.

In order to do this you need to be registered on the HomeChoice North Somerset register. Once you are registered you can login to your account on this website and place a mutual exchange advert.

The HomeChoice North Somerset Mutual Exchange Scheme

What is the Mutual Exchange Scheme?
This scheme helps you to help yourself to find alternative accommodation through a mutual agreement between two or more tenants.
If you are a Housing Association tenant within the North Somerset area, and wish to move within this area, you can try to find another tenant to exchange with.

How do I find another tenant to exchange with?
Tenants need to find another tenant whose property suits them and who is interested in moving into their property. Both tenants should apply to their landlords for permission to exchange.
Landlords will not allow the exchange if either household would severely overcrowd or under-occupy a property as a result. The Landlords will ask you to ensure that any rent due is paid up-to-date before the exchange.

What do I do now?
For tenants across the North Somerset region - you can now apply for a mutual exchange on-line.

The service allows tenants to register their property details and to view the details of other properties that are  registered. These will include properties registered by other landlords who join the scheme.

To register online please follow the link marked 'click here to register' on the login/register page.

Do I need my landlord's permission to exchange?

Yes. Do not exchange without permission from the Council or your Housing Association Landlord.

Most landlords will give permission provided the following conditions are met:-

(a)  All tenants involved must have a clear rent account, and no Possession Order in Force against them.
(b)  Any property involved in the exchange will not be overcrowded or substantially under occupied.
(c)  The property is only suitable for a household with special needs, and the proposed new tenant has such a need.
(d)  No fee or premium has passed between the tenants who are a party to  the exchange.
(e)  The prior written approval of the relevant landlords has been obtained before any move takes place.

With some Housing Association Landlords, where one tenant lives in a village, the other tenant may be asked to provide evidence of a connection with that village.

Some Partner Landlords have other restrictions on exchanges, and your own landlord will explain this to you. A home visit will be arranged by your Landlord to ensure the above conditions have been met prior to the exchange being permitted.

Please Note: Housing Association tenants have different types of tenancies. Your tenancy can be affected by an exchange, so you should check what type of tenancy you will be taking and what differences there may be.

If permission has been granted, you will be asked to sign an agreement to the effect that you are willing to accept the accommodation as it stands.
Should you decide to leave any carpets or curtain fittings etc., this should be agreed with your exchange partner, and all items being left must be clearly marked with a label "Do not remove". The Council or Housing Association Landlord cannot be held responsible for the loss or removal of any such items, or become involved in any dispute arising over this.

Please note, once you have accepted an alternative property via an exchange, your Transfer/Exchange Housing Register application will be cancelled, as it will be assumed, unless you advise otherwise, that your housing problem has been resolved.

Want to move out of North Somerset?

There are a number of national websites for mutual exchange (some of which make a charge for their services) of social housing tenancies amongst these are:

House Exchange
Council House Exchange

links are purely for information and we are not recommending these or any other providers.


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