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How to Apply


To apply for properties through HomeChoice please complete this: -online application form. If you are struggling please visit the help page


We will check your details  and activate your application. This usually takes 2 weeks.


We will write to tell you:

  • Your housing application number - HR

  • The Priority Band your application has been placed in - A, B C or D

        and the number of bedrooms you are entitled to.


If your circumstances change please let us know.  If you fail to tell us about a change in circumstances, then your application may be closed and you could miss out on properties.


Property Size

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family, in line with the Housing Benefit regulations, namely one bedroom for:


  • each adult couple;

  • each other person over 16;

  • two children of the same sex under 16;

  • two children under 10, regardless of their sex;

  • a disabled child who cannot share a bedroom with another child because of their disability;

  • any other single child left;

  • an overnight carer for a disabled person.


Any applicants needing more than 4 bedrooms will be entitled to bid for 4-bedroom or 5-bedroom properties.


No additional bedroom entitlement is made for visiting children.


For any current tenant of a partner landlord downsizing to smaller accomodation, there are no restrictions on the size of the property they can move to providing no overcrowding will occur. The new property has to have at least one bedroom less than their current home.


Partner landlords retain the discretion to advertise properties outside of these criteria and permit under occupation where necessary (for example, should they wish to allow applicants with a 1-bedroom need to bid for a harder-to-let 2-bedroom flat or sheltered housing). Where this occurs, partner landlords may continue to prioritise applicants with a larger minimum bedroom entitlement within the same band. This decision would be made by the landlord at the point of advertising the property.