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How to Bid

Properties are advertised from 00.01am on a Thursday morning for 7 days until midnight on a Wednesday night, and you will be able to bid for a maximum of 3 properties during the time they are advertised. You can bid at any time during this time slot but please be advised if you bid early your position may change dramatically as other applicants will still be bidding days later.

 They are advertised in the following ways:

  • Via Search Properties on this website.
  • On display boards in the Town Hall and The Campus
  • In a newsletter available from the Town Hall, Council gateways, CAB and partner landlord offices.

Some property adverts will advise of restrictions on them -  no pets allowed, must require level access, sustainable community, fixed term tenancies.....The Bournville Local Lettings Ploicy is one of them:

Bournville Local Lettings Policy

Alliance Homes have a local lettings policy in place for properties on the Bournville Estate where for 50% of properties preference will be given to applicants who are in employment, have not been perpetrators of anti-social behaviour within the last 5 years, have no history of problematic drug or alcohol use and have no unmet support needs.

You can read the detailed policy here. 

Fixed Term Tenancies – Important Note

If you see any properties advertised on HomeChoice which are labelled “Fixed Term Tenancy” you will need to make sure this option suits you.

Fixed Terms Tenancies will be offered for the length of time specified on the advert.  If you are successful bidding, and are offered the property, the Registered Provider (Housing Association) will review your tenancy at the end of that period and may choose to terminate it (subject to your circumstances).  Please make sure you are fully aware of all the implications of bidding on, accepting a fixed term tenancy.  If you require further information, please contact the Registered Provider who has advertised the property. 

How to Bid

To apply for a property you must tell us that you wish to be considered for it. This is called "bidding". It is not about placing money on the property it is just ticking a few boxers saying that you are interested and wish to be considered. Only  properties that you are eligible for will show up on your account. If there are no properties showing then it could be that there are no 3 beds avialble that week or you have a pet and all properties have stated no pets for example. You can bid in one of the following ways:

  • Online through this website
  • By telephone on 01934 426 330
  • In person at Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare. Our staff will be happy to show you how to do this.

You do not have to bid for properties every week. If there is nothing you wish to bid for you will not be penalised for not bidding unless you are Approved Homeless or in Emergency band.